Termigon | Benefits of Sentricon
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Key Benefits of The Sentricon® System

The Sentricon® System works through a unique combination of bait and behavior. Sentricon® was the first baiting system to eliminate termites at the source and continues to lead the way with advanced technologies and optimized service practices. Kill the colony now, or stop them before they can enjoy dinner on the house. Also ideal for property managers, builders and architects. Commercial-grade Sentricon delivers like no other.

The Bait System Works

In lab tests when given the choice, termites ate nearly 10 times more bait than wood. The science behind Sentricon® leaves termites helpless.

No Queen. No Colony.

Using scientifically engineered bait to naturally enter their food chain, the queen and her entire colony are decimated.

Certified Specialists

Each year we go through a service excellence review and training, to ensure we provide you with the best protection for subterranean termites.

No Damage

Our system requires no interior intrusive drilling through your expensive tiles, and foundation to inject chemicals that eventually will dissipate through rain and other weather elements.

Environment Friendly

Sentricon is labeled for use on sensitive sites, like hospitals, schools and nursing homes, or sites with ponds and streams.

No project Is Too Large

The Sentricon System can be used on virtually any structure to protect it against termites.

Highest Quality

Our Corporate Office in the USA makes sure that all standard operating procedures and quality of services rendered are adhered to the highest standards of customer satisfaction!